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Why create waste when you can refill?

As Koco Tenille candles and diffusers are handmade in store you can return your clean candle vessels & we will be more than happy to refill them for you (refill prices vary between vessels).

Refill diffuser oil (200ml) is also available, allowing you to carry on using your diffuser bottle, minimising waste.

Please ensure that your candle vessels are thoroughly washed before returning them to Koco Home. 

Simply fill your empty candle jar with hot water to melt any soy wax residue, then tip the water into your garden, PLEASE DON'T POUR WAX DOWN THE DRAIN,
or use a paper towel or tissue to absorb the wax that has risen to the top of the hot water.  Once the excess wax has been removed also be sure to remove the metal wick base from the bottom of the jar, the glue should soften after sitting in the hot water for a few minutes and should lift easily.

The vessel can then be washed in warm soapy water resulting in a perfectly clean jar ready for refilling.

Unwashed vessels will incur a $5.00  per jar
cleaning fee.

Black candle jars are not always able to be washed due to the matte paint that is used on the jar.

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